Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Simple Solution to Not Enough Sales

So you know how to sell, you provide great customer service. In fact you're actually a pretty great guy. So why are you hurting for sales. It's the economy--the recession, right? You know that companies still need products AND they must be buying from someone. But, not you. Or at least not enough, am I right?

But what can you do?

You've tried working harder, however you've heard you should be doing it the smart way. But what is the smart way? If you are not already a manufacturers representative (rep from now on), when you partner with us you will be.

Wait a minute... haven't you heard that it takes YEARS to "make it" as a rep? Sure it does...

If you do it the hard way.

Listen very carefully to what I'm about to reveal... we have the sources in place where you could supply just about ANY need your client had. Most reps represent at the most, a few dozen product lines. Partner with us and you will have over 300 manufacturing companies which can supply your clients needs.

I know what you're thinking. How can I ever learn that many product lines from that many companies? Don't. Why bother? Supply what they need and are currently using. If it's something unusual, get a sample the manufacturing company can use as a template.

Are you beginning to see some possibilities? Good! Go to Step 2 -- NOW!


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