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A Simple Solution to Not Enough Sales

So you know how to sell, you provide great customer service. In fact you're actually a pretty great guy. So why are you hurting for sales. It's the economy--the recession, right? You know that companies still need products AND they must be buying from someone. But, not you. Or at least not enough, am I right?

But what can you do?

You've tried working harder, however you've heard you should be doing it the smart way. But what is the smart way? If you are not already a manufacturers representative (rep from now on), when you partner with us you will be.

Wait a minute... haven't you heard that it takes YEARS to "make it" as a rep? Sure it does...

If you do it the hard way.

Listen very carefully to what I'm about to reveal... we have the sources in place where you could supply just about ANY need your client had. Most reps represent at the most, a few dozen product lines. Partner with us and you will have over 300 manufacturing companies which can supply your clients needs.

I know what you're thinking. How can I ever learn that many product lines from that many companies? Don't. Why bother? Supply what they need and are currently using. If it's something unusual, get a sample the manufacturing company can use as a template.

Are you beginning to see some possibilities? Good! Go to Step 2 -- NOW!

So How Much Can I Make?

You are full of GREAT questions. Good, you will go far in this business.

Stop! If you're like me you are beginning to wonder if this can work for you. OK, let's go over a few basic requirements:

You NEED to be:

  1. Independent – we can't be holding your hand, we have too many reps bringing in deals each week. However if you are REALLY stuck call or email right away. Don't worry, we believe there is no dumb question. But if the answer is in the resources available to you... well.

  2. Be your own boss – you'll receive 1099 documents etc. As far as the rest of running your business that will be up to you.

  3. Able to find us just one new client a month

So the BIG question... What do we do?

We sell large quantities of needed items to mid sized companies. Like 400,000 lbs. of honey or 70,000 custom t-shirts or 100,000 rolls of toilet paper. I save our clients tons of money and make a nice commission for doing so.

So, why do I need you? Simple, I don't want to go to your city, learn the area and look for clients. I want you to do that. Look for companies already buying these quantities of their needs. You find the deal and bring it to us.

How much can you make? I will split my profits 50/50 with you right after the client takes delivery and pays us. My last deal? My profit was $72,350. If you brought me a similar deal and we split it, well I hope you can do the math. Imagine for a moment if you did just one deal each month? Are you beginning to see how this year is already looking a whole lot better right now? I bet!

I know what you're thinking... what's the catch?

The client will need to buy a minimum of one half of a shipping container of what they need. How much is that? Depends on the size of the product.

Ready to get started? Email me your contact information and the best time to call at: Put this in the subject line in all CAPS: I'M READY TO GET STARTED IN (YOUR STATE)

If you're wondering who I am? Check out my LinkedIn profile

Still not convinced? Then get over to step 3. Hey! Stop thinking about it, get over there.

OK, This is Sounding Pretty Good...

You don't know it yet but, at the end of this post, you will have learned how what we do is so profitable and smack me in the head easy; you will be ready to jump on this now.

However... if you're like me, you have normally wanted to have all the pieces in place before you get rolling. But, if you are also like me you've realized that this is one of the HARD ways... not a smart way. One of my favorite book titles I've seen relating to this is, “Ready, Fire, Aim”. The bottom line? Let's get going NOW and tweak the finer points while you're making money.

Step over here... a little closer. You have GOT to listen very carefully to what I'm about to disclose. Here is THE big secret to get this money machine in high gear... immediately. Find a number of “Bird Dogs” in your area to flush out companies for you. Definition: Bird Dog, someone who refers customers to a salesperson who receives a finders fee when the sale is made.

Feel yourself putting to use this idea to jump start your business:
  • Find your Bird Dogs
  • Set them up to work with you for a percentage of your profit
  • They find you a possible customer
  • You work the deal
  • Bring it to us
  • They buy and save a ton of money
  • Commissions are made
  • Everybody's happy
Check it out! Your Bird Dog finds a client that is ready to buy their annual needs of toilet paper. And we'll say the profits are $20,000. That will be a split of $10K for us and $10K for you. For finding the deal you pay your Bird Dog $1,000. Not a bad pay day for them to just find an possible interested party. And I'm sure you know that a referred source has a much easier time making a sale.

If you are not quite sure on how to find Bird Dogs to work with or additional ways to market yourself. Use some of the methods described in the book, “The Never Cold Call Again Online Playbook: The Definitive Guide to Internet Marketing Success”. You'll find it on my recommended book list.

Just picture this for a moment... you have three Bird Dogs finding you just three “toilet paper” deals a month. Your Bird Dogs are making $36,000 a year... each. And you are bringing in, $108,000 !! Can it get any easier then that?

Now if you want to pay your Bird Dog a larger finders fee, that's up to you. It's your business. Hey! Wait just one minute, how would you like this? Wouldn't it be amazing if you had 10 Bird Dogs? What happens when the profits are closer to our $50,000 average? Obviously you can see how using these steps will clearly make you more money.

Here's the truth, partner with us and an annual six figure income could soon be yours.

You don't have to get started now, but consider this. We are only able to work with 100 people this year. If you think about this too long, you may be number 101. If you're not totally convinced yet... that's up to you. I'm not you Mama and I won't be holding your hand...

“OK, I'm convinced! How do I get started? I'm ready to jump on this like you said in the beginning.”

Let's Get Ready To Rumble! Email me your contact information and the best time to call at: Put this in the subject line in all CAPS: I'M READY TO GET STARTED IN (YOUR STATE)

P.S. You'll find some nice bonuses on our resources page. Book recommendations, e-books, articles, tools, websites, etc. Once again all for FREE. Why am I over-delivering to you, I'm selfish. I want you to be MEGA successful. That way everyone makes money. And wouldn't that make your world a better place?

P.S.S. To fulfill legalities go the resource page. Find the Referral Agreement, download it and send the filled out form back to the email address:

P.S.S.S. Now send me that email!

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