Monday, February 8, 2010

High Paying Jobs Right Here

According to a recent news article the below listed cities are the hardest cities to find a job right now. The numbers to the right are the unemployment percentages. Why is that I wonder? Is it the lack of jobs available? That would make sense. Or is it partly that job seekers in these cities are not really 'seeking' any more? I believe that's partly the reason as well.

So why would I to come to this conclusion? Because I have advertised in most of these cites for an independent sales position and the results are less then I expected. This is surprising especially when someone with a half way decent work ethic can earn $150,000 or more before the end of this year.

10 Hardest Cities to Find Jobs

1. Detroit, MI – 20.76

2. St. Louis, MO – 17.98

3. Miami, FL - 14.47

4. Riverside, CA - 12.35

5. Las Vegas, NV - 11.85

6. Sacramento, CA - 10.97

7. Los Angeles, CA - 10.43

8. Birmingham, AL - 9.62

9. Providence, RI - 9.23

10. Orlando, FL - 8.92

Are you earning what you're worth? If not read the information on the left, follow the steps and start making a better life for yourself.


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